We Love You


Dear Golden Valley Rotary

This page is a running account of love letters and thank you notes from our friends and partners in the community.

February 3, 2016 - Speaker Appreciates Warm Welcome

Hi, Peggy:
Would you please extend my thanks to Mark and the entire Rotary?  I was welcomed most warmly to the meeting, and really enjoyed my table conversations with your members.  In spite of a pending blizzard, the group stayed to hear my presentation and to ask very thoughtful and provocative questions afterwards.  In addition, I was given a most delicious and beautiful vegetarian meal, at the very last minute!  The projector and screen worked very well with my equipment.
It was a pleasure to speak about The Challenge of Peace:  Israel and the Middle East, focusing on the concerns of Arab citizens of Israel and their challenges as a minority in Israel,  a Jewish state.  Please do not hesitate to contact me again if you would like another presentation about Israel for your group:  including current events or topics like Israel’s high tech and business communities.  Thank you very mUCH for your invitation!
With warm regards, Heidi Schneider
Speaker with the Jewish Community Relations Council of MN and the Dakotas

November 10, 2015 - A Successful Individual

Ariel is a high school student and works at Rotarian Julie Peterson's Golden Valley Culver's restaurant. The Golden Valley Rotary sponsored her participation in Camp Enterprise in November. Her father, Ben, presented her thanks at our last regular meeting.
Ariel's thank you

October 13, 2015 - A Warm Welcome

Dear Rtn. Jeff,

Last Tuesday At Rotary Club of Golden Valley, It was indeed a very plesant experience and proud feeling for me to attend Rotary meeting outside my own club that too out of country at the otherside of the earth. I thank Rtn Mark the president, Ms. Colleen, Secretory and all fellow Rotarians at Golden Valley including yourself for giving me the opportunity to attend and interact. I also thank for giving me special coverage in your weekly newsletter.  

Truly It was not a coincidence that I was able to witness the similar basic issues that we as Indians world biggest democracy and youngest developing nation is facing as in USA world biggest economy and developed nation is facing may be in different context & scales being discussed on Rotary DIAS. 

With Mrs. Mary Anderson & Ms. Monica Potter throwing light on the work Rotary and other NGO are doing for early childhood education, certainly have shown me a very different approach to tackle few of the issues. 

We also discuss involvement of young people in Rotary and again we're on same page. Probably having Rotary clubs inside big company campus were we can meet and find thousands of young dynamic and ready to socialise as well as willing to do charity work as our probable Rotarian counterparts. Along with Rotract I think we can start corporate Rotary clubs. 

Our Rotary Club of Sangli and Dstrict 3170 would like  to  have long term association with your club and see what jointly we can do for the society at large as well as underprivileged ones. 

Please do go through website of Rotary India were we have taken complete literacy of our nation as well as neighbouring SAARC Countries as one of the foremost tool to irradicate lots of problem developing and third world countries are facing. 


Extend my regards to Rtn Mark. We'd very brief chance to interact. Hope Mr. President is safe and and in good health. My best wishes to him. 

Girish Chitale
District Sangli, Maharashtra, India

October 3, 2015 - Many, Many Thanks

Dear Fellow Rotarians,
A great big heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for volunteering your time at yesterday's Polio Survivors Conference.  There were 25 of us representing 19 of our District clubs.  I estimate that conservatively we donated at least 95 volunteer hours to the event.  Many of you stayed longer than you had committed and brought great skill and passion.  We discovered that one of our volunteers is a competent dog handler -- and that was a job we had not anticipated!  Thanks, Greg.
I hope all of you had a chance to meet Murph's (Rotarry District 5950 Governor Tim Murphy) father Ray Murphy.  What a delightful guy, and we now know where Murph gets that twinkle in his eye!  Ray was treated at the Sister Kenny Institute and even remembers attending a birthday party for Sister Kenny!
We received many wonderful comments from the participants.  One woman told me that they had contracted the "forgotten" disease (of polio) and few remember them.  She was very grateful for the conference and being able to receive information to help her with the lasting effects of polio.  Many of them were surprised to learn that Rotary had any involvement with polio, let alone having led a 30 year fight to eradicate it.  I know Tim received at least one contribution to the RI polio fund, and we had one participant express interest in learning more about Rotary membership.  I am following up on that request.
So . . . many thanks for responding to the call to serve yesterday.  Your many hands made my work light, and it is very much appreciated.
Carol Parrish
Rotary Club of Plymouth

June 24, 2015 - What an honor that is for me!

Mary Anderson, manager of the Golden Valley Library for 10 years was named this year's recipient of the Rotary Club of Golden Valley's Citizen of the Year Award at a June 23 luncheon. 
Thank you note from Mary Anderson