Armstrong, Torseth, Skold and Rydeen, Paul Erickson, President 2005-2006
Courage Center, Jan Malcolm, President 2006-2007
General Mills, Kendall J. Powell, Chairman of the Board and CEO 2007-2008
Golden Valley Golf and Country Club,  Roberta Mellen, President
Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, Mary Pat Lee, Executive Director 2009-2010
Golden Valley American Legion, Post 523 Commander Ron Zopfi

Winkley Orthotics and Prosthetics Company, Alex Gruman and Amalia Gruman


PRISM, Michelle Ness, Executive Director


My Music Store, Jim Harms and Linda Morris, Partners



The Annual Citizen of the Year Award


Eugene Temple      1991-1992     Boy Scout Volunteer

Mary E. Anderson   1999-2000     Mayor of Golden Valley

Lawrence A. Brown 2000-2001     Foundation for under-privilege Kids

William Joynes       2001-2002     City Manager, Golden Valley

Robert P. Provost   2002-2003     Extra-ordinary citizen of Golden Valley

Gloria L. Johnson   2003-2004     Golden Valley City Council

John Richter          2004-2005     Community Activist

Peggy Leppik         2005-2006     Extensive Public Service

Don Keysser          2006-2007     Golden Valley Days - co-chairperson

Luke Weisberg       2006-2007     Golden Valley Days - co-chairperson

Stan Mack II          2007-2008     School District 281 Superintendent

C. Dwight Townes 2008-2009      Golden Valley Highway Beautification

John Giese            2009-2010   Service to veterans and Golden Valley's First Annual Memorial Day Parade

Don Anderson       2010-2011    Preserving the history of Golden Valley

Sue Webber          2011-2012    Golden Valley/New Hope Sun Post Editor

Margaret Wong     2012-2013    Teacher, mentor, Breck School

Linda Loomis          2013-2014    Former Mayor of Golden Valley

Mary I. Anderson    2014-2015    Golden Valley Library


The Annual Rotarian of the Year Award


Donald B. Anderson                   1999-2000

Anthony P. Riviere (deceased)     2000-2001

Joseph F. Dundovic (deceased)  2001-2002

J. Thomas Parry (deceased)      2002-2003

Richard D. Rudeen (deceased)     2003-2004

James G. Bird                            2004-2005

Robert W. Junghans                   2005-2006

Thomas M. Gearty                      2006-2007

Laura Galloway                          2007-2008

Reed Robinson                          2008-2009

John Mitchell (deceased)          2009-2010

Joan Boger                              2010-2011 

Kathy Skadsberg                      2011-2012

Adrienne Thomle                     2012-2013

Jeffrey Dehler                           2013-2014

Gary Aiken                              2014-2015