Club Service

Club Service focuses on strengthening fellowship and ensuring the smooth functioning of Rotary clubs. It takes commitment on the part of Rotarians to lead the efforts that result in the betterment of our Rotary club. It has to do with maintaining and adding new members.  Finding educational, entertaining or thought provoking weekly programs.  It has to do with creating a meeting atmosphere exemplary of the purpose and goals of Rotary International at the Rotary meetings.
Sometimes club service means having some fun, so Golden Valley Rotarians and their families participate in social activities like Twins or Saints baseball games, the Museum of Russian Art, theater, golf and holiday party events and yes, even walking along Highway 55 twice a year picking up the trash and litter.
But club members also enjoy the business of operating the club by serving on the board of directors or on committees that coordinate events or activities for community service, vocational service and international service.
 Enjoy event planning? Volunteer on the committee that puts on the Golden Valley Rotary Annual Gala the first Friday of May. 
 Enjoy teens? Help teach life skills to students at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School through Golden Valley Rotary’s STRIVE program.
 Love a party? Coordinate a social event.
 It’s a great way to learn more about Rotary, its impact on the Rotary club and to meet and work with great people. It might even be a resume builder or networking!
Club Service Committees:
Director:  Don Anderson;                                                                              Membership: Lee Mosher;                                                                                Programs:  Peggy Leppik;                                                                          Social Committee: Co-Chair, Dwight Townes;                                           District Liason: Temporary vacant;                                                         Sunshine Chair: Jim Nielsen;                                                            Presidential Citation: Betsy Anderson;                                                    Website Master: Jeff Dehler;                                                                    Website Editor: Don Anderson;
Fund Raiser: Co- Chairs: Temporarily vacant;
Finance Committee:
Reed Robinson, Chair; Bryan Rossi; Jim Bird; Dan Korsman;
Rotary Club Historian: Don Anderson;
Sergeant at Arms: Dwight Townes;
Contributions Chair: Adrienne Thomle;
Rotary Foundation Chair: Reed Robinson
Strive Education Project:  Temporarily vacant
Ombudsman: Dwight Townes 
Appointed for the term July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017;
Past President's Club: Betsy Anderson - Chairperson;
All GV Rotary Past Presidents are members of this club; The GVPPs act as the nominating committee to select the members who will become the future officers of the club; They also select the candidates for Rotarian of the Year and the Golden Valley Citizen of the Year. They assist in the selection of the Golden Valley Business Organization of the Year.