Paul Harris Fellows

The Paul Harris Society is named after Paul P. Harris, founder of Rotary International. Paul Harris formed the world’s first service club, the Rotary Club of Chicago, on February 23, 1905.
Rotarians who donate $1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, or the Humanitarian Grants Program, or people who have that amount contributed in their name, can be recognized as Paul Harris Fellows. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate and a pin.
Multiple Paul Harris Fellows are recognized for gifts of $2,000 or more.
Click here to read the Paul Harris Society brochure. It provides more information about this special program, including its history and guidelines.
Below is a list of Paul Harris Fellows from the Golden Valley Rotary Club. * Indicates Multiple Paul Harris Fellows;
Eugene  Alstatt                                                                     Judy Hoover                                                          J. Thomas Parry*
Donald B. Anderson*                                                             Robert R. Hoover*                                                  George Paulson
James P. Anderson                                                               Charles R. Hueser                                                 Dennis L. Peterson*
                                                                                                                                                                       Gail Peterson
John F. Anderson                                                                  Jay Humphreys*                                                    Jean A. Poole*
Mary E. Anderson                                                                 Richard L. Johnson*                                               Anthony A. Popp
Richard L. Arneson                                                               Dwaine C. Johnson*                                               Richard Proudfit
Armstrong, Torseth, Skold & Rydeen                                     Gloria L. Johnson                                                   Leonard Przybylski
Allen D. Barnard                                                                   Sharon Johnson                                                    Gerald D. Rice
Rodger D. Bartlett                                                                 Wayne L. Johnson                                                Anthony P. Riviere*
Gladys Bird                                                                          Robert J. Johnston                                                Linda Riviere
James G. Bird*                                                                     William S. Joynes                                                 Bradley M. Robinson *
Margaret Bird                                                                        Kathy Junghans                                                   Martha Robinson (Mrs.)
Idelle Schrank Bjelland*                                                         Robert W. Junghans*                                            Reed Robinson
Kelly Blad Arons                                                                   Warren Kapsner                                                   Ronald Rogers*
Chad Boger* 
Joan Boger                                                                        Jennifer Kearin-Moreen                                              Bryan Rossi
Thomas D. Bollin*                                                                 Rosemary Kessler                                                 Lawrence Rosenthal
James H. Bratvet                                                                  Don Keysser                                                         Margaret Rudeen*
Russ Bremner*                                                                     Alan C. Kronfield*                                                  Richard Rudeen*
Fred Butkovich*                                                                    Peggy Leppik*                                                       James H. Russell*
Donald W. Chatfield                                                              Rollie Lindstrom                                                     James E. Rydeen
Howard Christenson*                                                             Patricia Limoges                                                    Marvin W. Schenk
J. B. Clifford*                                                                        Joel Limoges                                                          Donald E. Shaffer
Karen A. Clifford                                                                   Charles Lothrop                                                       Robert Shaffer
Lawrence M. Cramer*                                                            Julia Lothrop                                                           Kathleen Skadsberg*
John M. Cunningham                                                            Jerry Lothrop*                                                          Carol Skjegstad*
Jeff Dehler
Rosella C. DePietro                                                              John T. Luce                                                           Thomas P. Shannon
Joseph F. Dundovic*                                                             Stan Mack II                                                            Paul Snyder*
Blair T. Elliott                                                                       Leo A. Martin                                                           Clifford J. Sommers
Robert A. Elliott*                                                                  John Markve                                                             Paul F. Stephenson
Bradford D. Finch                                                                 Eunice McEwan                                                       Calvin C. Stoll
Betty Folliard                                                                       Thomas McKinney*                                                  J. Daniel Sullivan*
Anita Cornelius Fuentes                                                       Christa Meier                                                            Harold E. Swanson, Jr.
Wilfred D. Gagne                                                                 John N Mitchell*                                                        Eugene L. Temple
Laura M. Gallaway*                                                             Carol Mooney                                                            Thomas Therault
Barbara Gearty                                                                    Dean Mooney*                                                          Adrienne Thomle*
Thomas M. Gearty*                                                              Lee W. Mosher                                                         David Timmons*
Gary B. Gibbons*                                                                 Brent N. Nelson*                                                       Dwight Townes*
John C. Glimmerveen                                                            James Nielsen                                                          Lawrence Vanderpoel
Kenneth M. Hall*                                                                  Shauna A. Novak                                                      Sue Webber
Ernest Hallgren*                                                                   David Olfe*                                                               Luke Weisberg
Channing P. Handberg*                                                         D. Richard Olson                                                      Roy Wirth
Marilyn Hayes* 
Thomas Hebig                                                                      Glenn G. C. Olson                                                    Bob Wittman
Robert Hernz*                                                                       Rosemary O'Meara                                                   John A. Yngve*
Steven Holland                                                                     Garnet Ostlund                                                         Marilyn Zieska
Michael R. Hobbs                                                                 Duane C. Ostlund*
Steven Holmquist*                                                                Barbara Parry
James G. Bird                                                                     J. B. (Bill) Clifford                                                            J. Thomas Parry
Richard Rudeen