History of the Golden Valley Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Golden Valley was founded in 1972 by a small group of St. Louis Park Rotarians, who believed Golden Valley should have its own club. The principal organizer was John Mitchell who convinced the St. Louis Park Rotary Club to sponsor the "provisional" club. The Rotary Club of Golden Valley was chartered on March 12, 1973 by Rotary International as Club Number 2118.
The Golden Valley Rotary territory originally included the Cities of: Golden Valley, Robbinsdale, Crystal and New Hope. Meetings were held at the Golden Valley House on Highway 55 and continued there until 1975, when the club moved its meeting place to the Golden Valley Country Club.
The club was displaced during the 2000-2001 year when the original Golden Valley Country Club club house was torn down and replaced with a new club house which provides golf club members with dining, golf, tennis and swimming facilities and provides banquet facilities that seat up to 500. During the 2000-2001 year the Golden Valley Rotary club met at the Green Mill located in Plymouth but returned to larger and more modern facilities in the spring of 2001.
Joseph F. Dundovic; Kenneth M. Hall; Channing P. Handberg; Jerry C. Lothrop; John Yngve
Past Presidents of the Golden Valley Rotary Club:
John N. Mitchell (deceased) 1973-74                Jerry  C. Lothrop 1974-75
Joseph  F. Dundovic 1975-76                            Paul F. Stephenson 1976-1977
Bill Gagne (deceased) 1977-1978                      Donald B. Anderson 1978-1979
Fred Blumers (deceased) 1979-1980                Charles J. Luman 1980-1981
John Glimmerveen 1981-1982                           Ernest Hallgren 1982-1983
Ronald Rogers 1983-1984                                  Kenneth M. Hall 1984-1985
Michael W. Neeley 1985-1986                             Fred Butkovich 1986-1987
Robert A. Elliott (deceased) 1987-1988             Brent N. Nelson 1988-1989
J. Thomas Parry 1989-1990                                Dennis L. lPeterson (deceased) 1990-1991
James G. Bird 1991-1992                                    Duane Ostlund 1992-1993
Anthony P. Riviere (deceased) 1993-1994         Shauna A. Novak 1994-1995
Richard D. Rudeen (deceased) 1995-1996         Tom Gearty 1996-1997
Joel Limoges 1997-1998                                      Dean Mooney 1998-1999
Dan Sullivan 1999-2000                                       Robert Junghans 2000-2001
Carol Skjegstad 2001-2002                                  Jay T. Humphreys 2002-2003
Paul Snyder 2003-2004                                         Thomas McKinney 2004-2005
Laura Galloway 2005-2006                                    Reed Robinson 2006-2007
Chad Boger 2007-2008                                         George Paulson 2008-2009
George Paulson 2009-2010                                  Bryan Rossi 2009-2010
Bryan Rossi 2010-2011                                        Gary Aiken 2011-2012
David Hutchinson 2012-2013