Who Belongs to the Golden Valley Rotary Club?

Rotary International was initially formed as a business and professional organization, though anyone is welcome.
Our members represent:  Annuity Sales; Architecture-Institutional; Architecture-Interiors; Architecture-Residential; Architecture - churches; Auctions; Banking Executive; Banking Home Mortgage Consultant; Banking, Commercial; Building Contractor; Building Controls-Marketing; Building Materials; Business multi- sector Consulting; Chiropractic & Rehab; Children's Products Manufacturing; Commercial Banking; Commercial Law; Community Banking, Community Education, Dentristry; Dental Administration;  Education; Education Consulting;  Electrical Contracting; Electricity Generation;  Employee Benefits-Corporate Planning; Medicine - Family Practice; Financial Planning; Fire & Casualty Insurance;  Floor Machine Manufacturing; Health & Fitness; Human Resources; Human Services; Information Services; Marketing Consultant; Magnetic Head Manufacturing; Metal Window Manufacturing; Mortgage Banking; Non-Profit Administration; Non-Profit Rehabilitation Center; Paint Manufacturing;  Psychiatric Health Care; Public Service - Education; Real Estate-Residential; Residential Controls Manufacturing; Senior Citizen - Administration; Tax Accounting; Travel Agency; Volunteer Extraordinaire;