Mwendo Congo, non-profit working for health, education, and peace in Democratic Republic of Congo
Oct 15, 2019
Cubaka, Ntagengwa, and Anuarite
Mwendo Congo, non-profit working for health, education, and peace in Democratic Republic of Congo

Yvette Munyerenkana Cubaka (Secretary General), Carlos Barahame Ntagengwa (Director of Training Centers) and Ciza Baderhe Anuarite (carpentry training program graduate and entrepreneur) are visiting Minnesota as ambassadors of the organization Let Africa Live. They will be presenting with partners from Mwendo Congo, a Minnesota based non-profit working for health, education, and peace in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Yvette Cubaka is a lawyer and long-time human rights advocate from the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with extensive professional experience in sexual gender-based violence and child protection.  She began her work at LAV in 2011 and previously held the positions of gender based violence and child protection officer, gender based violence coordinator and program manager.  She now serves as the organization’s secretary general (executive director).

She is a respected leader in global efforts to protect the rights of children.  She is DRC contact person for the Global Network of Religions for Children, an interfaith network of faith-based organizations and people of faith who work together for the rights and well being of children around the world.  She also serves as Supervisor-Advisor of the African Youth and Children Network for Human Rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Cubaka was born into a Christian family whose father was a pastor.

Carlos Ntagengwa is director of LAV’s training centers and has been on LAV staff for twelve years.  Prior to becoming director, he served as a trainer in LAV’s welding program.  He also taught at Technical Official School in Kibuye, Rwanda and worked for a time as an engineer at Twangiza mining factory. 

He holds a diploma in entrepreneurship and project management and a degree diploma in industrial electricity.  He has received additional training in management and welding at Kayonza in Rwanda, and participated in psychosocial support training of trainers on entrepreneurial education.  He has technical skills in motor facilities, generators, alternators in factories, photovoltaic facilities, and electrical maintenance in factories.  Ntagengwa is a Congolese, married to Faida Ziyiruka Wivine with 5 children, a girl and 4 sons.

Ciza Anuarite is a 2014 graduate of Let Africa Live’s carpentry program.  Since completing her training, she has established her own business, a successful carpentry workshop in the city of Bukavu in eastern DRC.  She has in turn hired and mentored three subsequent graduates of LAV’s carpentry program.

Born in eastern DRC, Anuarite was orphaned at two years of age when her mother died.  At age 15 (2008) she was the victim of sexual violence perpetrated by a rebel group, became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl.  As a single mother, she is making a life for herself and her daughter and is serving her community with high quality carpentry services.