Sojourner Project
Nov 03, 2020
Becca Welna, Community Educator
Sojourner Project


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Becca Welna is a Community Educator with Sojourner Project. For the past 40 years, Sojourner has been providing free and confidential support to those victimized by domestic and sexual violence in Western Hennepin County. As part of the Outreach and Education department, Becca enjoys sharing stories of survivor's resilience and raising awareness of the need for Sojourner's essential services. She finds particular joy in teaching SafeU, Sojourner's youth violence prevention education in local middle and high schools. She recently went back to school for a graduate certificate in content strategy and storytelling and loves working creatively to share the “on the ground” impact stories with the larger community. Prior to her current work, Becca was a youth counselor at a teen crisis shelter in San Francisco, focused on family reunification and stabilization. When not at Sojourner, Becca enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, hanging out with her nephews, and serving on the board of MN Peacebuilding Leadership Institute.