Health Effects of Climate Change
Jul 10, 2018
Rachel Kerr
Health Effects of Climate Change

Doctor of Nursing Practice Student, University of Minnesota

Rachel Kerr, DNP, BS, RN, OCN is currently pursuing a DNP degree at the University of Minnesota in Health Innovation and Leadership. She is focused on using her nursing expertise to examine and intervene the effects of climate change on the health of vulnerable and underserved populations, both locally and globally.

She is an innovative, future-forward, transdisciplinary-minded nurse and DNP student with a career goal of taking action on climate change as a nurse leader. Her nursing practice, formerly centered on oncology and infusion therapy, is currently expanding to include earth-care as a means of addressing the social determinants of health, both locally and globally.

She is interested in taking down the physical, cultural, and metaphorical walls that divide and replacing them with supportive structures that facilitate connection, sustainability, optimal health, and well-being for all. She believes that we, as global citizens, owe our deepest allegiance to Future Generations.