New Developments in Plastics Recycling
Nov 28, 2017
Wayne Gjerde, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
New Developments in Plastics Recycling

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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) monitors environmental quality, offers technical and financial assistance, and enforces environmental regulations. The agency finds and cleans up spills or leaks that can affect our health and environment. Staff develop statewide policy, and support environmental education.

In 1967, a growing awareness of the environment's fragile nature led the Minnesota Legislature to create a new state agency, one with a unique challenge and a demanding responsibility: to protect the air, waters, and land of our great state. The Minnesota Legislature gave authority to the MPCA to begin controlling pollution problems in the state three years before the first Earth Day and the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

As the Recycling Market Development Coordinator with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Wayne consults with companies in the areas of finance, new product development, business plan development, sales, and marketing. Wayne has done extensive work in economic analysis linking the environment and economy. Wayne has thirty+ years experience in financial analysis, banking, new business start-ups, sales, marketing, new product development, customer service, consulting, business development, EPR, and management. He has worked in the private and public sector. Wayne earned his B.S. in Business Administration at St. John’s University-Collegeville, MN. He also has attended the Minnesota Bankers Commercial Lending School and Robert Morris Associates Commercial Lending School.