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Club Service - Highway 55 Clean-Up Apr 27, 2021
Club Service - Highway 55 Clean-Up
Club Service - Highway 55 Clean-Up

NO VIRTUAL MEETING - Highway 55 Clean-Up in lieu of our weekly virtual meeting

Highway 55 Clean-Up
Tuesday, April 27
5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Meet at NE Corner of Hwy 55 and Winnetka Ave.
Dinner to follow at Doolittle's
*In lieu of our noon Tuesday meeting*

Mallory Anderson May 04, 2021
Waste Reduction and Recycling
Waste Reduction and Recycling

Mallory Anderson works within Hennepin County's waste reduction and recycling unit working to meet a 75% recycling goal by 2030. Mallory works on policy and annual reporting for the county's waste reduction and recycling team. She leads the implementation of Hennepin County's Recycling Requirement Ordinance #13. She has supported the business recycling team as a liaison to businesses trying to reduce waste and increase how much they recycled. Mallory also leads the commercial recycling requirement for businesses to recycle and compost. View more about organics recycling at Hennepin County at hennepin.us/businessorganics

Martha Truax & Renee Most May 11, 2021
Augsburg University's StepUP Recovery Program

Renee Most joined Augsburg University’s StepUP® Program for students in recovery from substance abuse as its new director in fall 2019, bringing her own experience as an alumna of StepUP and her 15 plus years of clinical work in the field of addiction related issues. Renee holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Catherine’s University, is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC), and earned a master’s degree in addiction studies from Hazelden Graduate School. 

Timothy Massawe, Founder and Director May 18, 2021
SASCO - Empowering vulnerable children through education
SASCO - Empowering vulnerable children through education

Timothy Massawe is a lawyer in Tanzania. He is the founder and director of the non-governmental organization Saidia Agriculture and Social Care Organization (SASCO). SASCO runs the program "Education for Tanzania". Timothy is a charter member of the Rotary Club of Hai-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and a past president of the club. Massawe currently serves as an assistant governor in the Rotary District 9211 which combines Uganda and Tanzania.

Ethan Neal, Director of Food Systems Jun 08, 2021
Urban Agriculture - Growing Food and Security on Our Own Turf
Urban Agriculture - Growing Food and Security on Our Own Turf

Ethan Neal is a 7th generation farmer and laborer born in Iowa and raised in Northfield, Minnesota. Despite being surrounded by agriculture throughout his life, it wasn’t until he started working with Pillsbury United that he grew food for community. Since that first growing season in 2011, connecting people to food, soil, and their farmers has been his life’s work.

Ethan has worked in a variety of roles with Pillsbury United – from working as a part time job coach for adults with special needs, to coordinating a food shelf, to stewarding Pillsbury’s mission to grow food security as the Director of Food Systems. Through food shelves, community meal programs, outdoor and hydroponic farms, Ethan is dedicated to providing families with choice and access, feeding PUC’s goal of a food system nurtured by and for the community.

Ethan studied at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and earned a Certified Professional Project Management certificate from the University of St. Thomas. He is a member of the Twin Cities Leadership Cohort of 2021, a charter member of the Twin Cities Rotary Ecoclub, and a former Rotary Youth Exchange Student and program ambassador.

Ethan can be reached at EthanN@pillsburyunited.org.